Scott Russell

Founder, Managing Partner

Scott has had the good fortune to collaborate with some exceptional clients and colleagues over the course of  his career as a marketing consultant, advertising agency principle and corporate marketing executive. In each instance he has had one goal in mind – lead teams at winning in their respective market. He offers a breadth of experience and expertise across the spectrum of marketing disciplines and has consulted with prominent brands including Microsoft, Motorola, FedEx, AT&T Mobility, and Baker Hughes, as well as smaller corporations that while not household names are equally influential brands within their industries. In addition to this, he successfully led global marketing for Intermec Technologies and held marketing leadership roles within Honeywell where he was recognized for his marketing achievements.


Lindy Gross

Creative Director, Writer

As a creative director, Lindy has led teams at both traditional and digital agencies in developing award-winning campaigns. With more than 25 years in the business under her belt, she has a knack for creating well-crafted, strategically sound work that moves people to action – whether that means buying a widget or donating to a nonprofit. Lindy’s experience spans all media and a wide range of brands, including Verizon, Comcast, the American Cancer Society, L’Oreal, GlaxoSmithKline, and a host of Coca-Cola brands. Lindy started her career as a copywriter, creating print and broadcast campaigns for brands large and small. 


Mike Lewis

Creative, Art Director

An advertising art director by trade, Mike is also a designer, creative director, strategic planner and marketing consultant with a passion for popular culture. Mike’s ability to deliver innovative advertising, as well as his experience creating campaigns that extend beyond traditional media, (e.g. social networks, branded content, influencer programs, TV programming and documentaries) has helped make brands like EA, Adidas, Levi’s and Xbox cultural icons. Mike favors an honest, simple and pragmatic approach to building brands, integrating storytelling entertainment while solving marketing problems.


Andrew Page

Demand Generation Director

Andrew is a digital marketing strategist, specializing in demand generation as well as sales and marketing automation for B2B enterprises. Andrew has advised and developed strategically integrated marketing programs for companies such as Intuit QuickBooks, Oracle, LexisNexis, and Wolters Kluwer. In each client engagement Andrew’s goal is always to help improve their online brand presence and increase sales through strategic digital marketing initiatives. In his free time Andrew enjoys spending time with his two young children and following the Boston sports teams. 


Joe Cassano

Content Marketing Director

With more than thirty years of marketing and content development experience, Joseph believes businesses have only one chance to make the right first impression with copy. Words used must be precise. He knows that in the span of a few written lines, a reader’s interest must be sparked, or lost forever. Throughout his career, Joseph has worked with some of the nation’s largest brands, helping them to ignite interest with audiences. An award-winning marketer, he has written for numerous industries. Some of these include consumer packaged goods, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, petrol-chemical, and commercial real estate.