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[yawl-dee] or [yal-dee]

Scottish - Expression of excitement or joy


At Yaldi, we’re building something new. Something bold. A company that’s part marketing services firm, part digital agency, and all heart. Here, the best idea always comes first, and the best moments are always celebrated. Those moments – the ones that make you jump for joy or let a “woohoo!” fly – are what we call Yaldi Moments. Every time we engage with a client, we strive for one of those moments. Because that means we’ve done our job well, and you’re well on your way to growing your business. With a Yaldi Moment waiting at the end of every project.


Whether marketing hardware, software, services, or multifaceted platform solutions, we help companies like yours succeed in their defined market. We are proud to fuel the growth of clients in industry segments that are defining tomorrow’s technology landscape.

We’ll get to the right solution – fast – and then deliver high-impact, flawless work that delivers results.

We start every program with the end in mind, defining critical metrics for success with each program, so our clients possess a learning model for continuous improvement.

Our depth of experience in deploying well-defined processes enables us to deliver the optimal solutions day in and day out.

If you are using Best Practices that were established as recently as last year, they may be out of date. We stay on top of the latest developments to give you an edge on the competition.

We are driven by a passion for helping clients win in their respective markets. There is nothing we enjoy more than celebrating success with our clients.

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Grow boldly or go home. That’s our take on things.


If you’re not willing to get out there, put a stake in the ground and make a little magic happen for your business, then why do it?


In this day and age, you need to put the pedal to the metal because if you don’t, someone else will own your market before you can say compound annual growth rate. So let’s do this. Let’s grow your B2B business.


We’ll bring the big guns. We’ll put our corporate marketing, consulting, and agency experience to work for you.


We’ll find the insights that drive the strategies that inspire the work that capture your target and confound your competition.


Then, when your business is growing faster than you ever thought possible, we’ll raise a glass and celebrate.     



As a marketing consultant, advertising agency principle, and corporate marketing executive, I have enjoyed providing marketing consultation and leadership to prominent brands, including Microsoft, Motorola, FedEx, AT&T Mobility, GE Digital, and Baker Hughes. In each instance, I had one goal in mind – lead teams at winning in their respective market! Hence, in 2017, I founded Yaldi to provide B2B technology marketing leaders and their teams with the strategic insight and executional excellence to outmaneuver their competition and take market share.


The entire team at Yaldi is ready to design, develop, and scale thoughtful marketing programs that deliver the success you deserve. Give us a call. We’d love to hear about your marketing challenges and help turn them into growth opportunities.

Scott Russell


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